01 Jun
The CEO's Comments
The Quest Tour
We unveil our fourth Tournament, and the second visit to Tema Country & Golf Club. The Abaloo Ranking Table has been rich with much movement of the Players as they have been jostling for position and acclaim.

Our Website www.thequestgolftour.com continues to provide current and relevant information on our Tour and our achievements. Our Social media sites are also active and interactive while promoting our Partners and Partner Brands. It has been hard work, but the fruits of our labour are making it all worthwhile.

Our Vision is clear, and we are motivated by the support of all our partners and followers here at the golf courses, on our Website, our social media platforms and the many other ways that you have encouraged and supported us.

Looking back to the beginning of this journey, despite all the hurdles that my fellow directors and I have had to maneuver, we are proud that we are here at the fourth Tournament, the Third in the 2014 Tour Season.

There is much that we have learnt along the way, and I have often pondered over what the true greatness is in what we aspire to. Is the greatest thing in sports or specifically in Golf the winning of tournaments? Is it playing a birdie or an eagle? Or even playing to a single handicap?

We have been pursuing greatness in sports as part of our Quest for Excellence, but I am inspired to steer our addiction to excellence towards the sentiments expressed in these words gleaned from some words of devotion some weeks ago;

“In the Palestra, the University of Pennsylvania basketball arena, a plaque offers a different perspective on the greatest thing in sports”. It read:

“To win the game is great, To play the game is greater’ but to love the game is the greatest of all.”

Indeed, we love the game and more than that we believe in what we do with a passion. Our platform promotes a good cause, and together with premium brands and partners we are making Professional Golf significant and maybe, one of the big names of the future may emerge from The Quest Tour.

Saham Insurance and other Brand partners have transformed this tournament into a spectacle and we are grateful. Fairgreen Ltd is establishing itself as a formidable Partner. The unique relationship and ongoing Partnership with Samsung, Electroland and CompuGhana enhance the tournament with the Digital scoreboard and an innovation that is setting the tone. Modern Autos Services continue to Partner us with the Hole-In-One Challenge and the Foton Conqueror 4X4 pick up. We look forward to see who will win the vehicle in the challenge or perhaps the 2014 Tour Champion.

We are addicted to excellence. There are others demonstrating their quest for excellence too. We dream of the day when a professional Golfer emerging out of The Quest Tour shall compete on the international stage. This dream, when realized will be true greatness. Think about it, and join us as we steer the Professional Game of Golf toward Olympics 2020 and beyond.