Money List

It is imperative that our professionals channel their energies towards enrichment, thus provide inspiration for those who aspire to join the professional ranks. As a result, this section gives you a snap shot of the minimum riches available for those at the top of The Quest Money List...

Points Earned Player #of Events Played Earning
3,750 Torgah Vincent The UT Bank GH¢16,750
3,100 Victor B. Mensah The UT Bank GH¢6,925
3,100 Emos Korblah The UT Bank GH¢6,750
3200 Godwin Sai The UT Bank GH¢5,375
3,300 John K. Mawuli The UT Bank GH¢5,100
3,100 Stephen Klah The UT Bank GH¢3,950
1,850 Kwame Korsah The UT Bank GH¢3,800
2,200 Emmanuel K. Osei The UT Bank GH¢3,375
1,100 R. Kouassi The UT Bank GH¢3,000
1,050 R. Kouakou The UT Bank GH¢2,000